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The company was founded in 1982,. Zhejiang Yueling Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 1998, and Zhejiang YuelingCo., Ltd was established in 2012 and in public in January 2014. The company's aim is: "survive by quality, seek market by reputation, develop by science and technology."

The total investment of the enterprise is 1.2 billion yuan and an area of 215 mu.The building area is 1.29964 billion square meters. There are 2 national invention patents, 25 utility model patents and 59 exterior design patents. There are more than 1700 employees and more than 66 engineering and technical management personnel in the company at present.

The company's main products are sold to North America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia and Russia, etc. Jiangling Automobile Group Company, headquartered at 509 Yingbin Bei Avenue, Nanchang City, China. The factory covers an area of 3.17 million square meters, the existing staff of more than 16000 people, is one of the state's key support of one of the backbone enterprises.

Jiangling Group New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is a new subsidiary company invested by Jiangling Group in January 2015 in order to adapt to the theme of green development of automobile and face the future new energy automobile industry.

Relying on the strong brand and resource advantages of Jiangling Group, the company has initially grasped the four core technologies of vehicle control system, power battery system, vehicle integration and vehicle lightweight.

It has five key technologies, including matching of vehicle and power system, vehicle management system, on-board energy management system, vehicle lightweight, vehicle safety, the ability of design and development, the ability of testing, and the ability of monitoring the running status of vehicle products.

The company was founded in 1983, after 30 years of development and operation, the company has now become the domestic aluminum alloy wheel industry products serialization, production scale, business branding of large enterprises.

According to the "China Automobile Industry Yearbook" and the relevant data released by the Wheel Committee of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the company has been ranked sixth in the production of aluminum alloy wheels in the country since 2011.

The total amount of exports ranked fifth in the country, exports of international AM market ranked first in China.

After decades of long-term development, Zhejiang Yueling Co., Ltd. has been widely praised by all walks of life in China.Yueling has a long and stable cooperation with other countries.

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented crisis in fossil energy resources, mainly oil, coal, and natural gas, which supported the rapid development of human civilization in the 20th century.Apart from the steady decline in its reserves, what is founded more serious though the discovery of scientific research is that after the use of fossil energy, the carbon dioxide gas is emitted into the atmosphere as Greenhouse Effect gas, which leads to global warming and causes people to pay more attention to the power source of the future social development.

As a result, new energy development has the potential to become the most important engine of economic growth in the future and the most employment-generating and wealth-generating pillar of the new economy.

In order to adapt to the theme of automobile green development era, the company actively invests in new energy development projects for the future of new energy automobile industry.

The company relies on the strong brand and the resources superiority, and has grasped the low pressure water cooling spinning craft specially to introduce the Caba wheel strong quantification wheel hub.

  Forging Low pressure casting 低压水冷旋压
Raw materials 6061 Aluminum alloy A356.2 Aluminium A356.2 Aluminium
Manufacturing method High pressure forming of metal block Molten aluminum pouring into mo 铸造毛坯,轮辋旋压
Price Expensive Cheap General
Density Tight General Tight
Internal pore No A little 较少
Strength High strength, uniform inside Based on the amount of aluminum used 轮辋强度高
Weight (22 inches) About 25KG About 35KG About 26.5KG
Failure result High stiffness, low toughness, easy to break Low stiffness, low toughness 刚度姣好,韧性高,破坏为变形
Modeling type Milling and carving technology, there are certain limitations 根据模具定型,造型丰富 根据模具定型,造型丰富
Production efficiency Long time, suitable for customization Average time, suitable for mass production 时间较短,适合批量生产

Low pressure water cooling process:

1、The strength is higher, the average grain size of air-cooled wheel hub is 56 μ m, while that of water-cooled wheel hub is 36 μ m. Therefore, compared with the air-cooled wheel hub, the water-cooled wheel hub has a higher tensile strength and yield strength.

2、The efficiency is higher, the water cooling makes the alloy cooling faster, that is to say, compared with the air cooling, the production efficiency is increased by about 13.4%.

On Feb. 22, the excellent domestic hub brand ARTKA reached a deep cooperation with the Great Wall Lubricating Oil CTCC China RV Championship and became CTCC China Cup 2018 official designated wheel brand. Chen Bo, head of ARTKA and , Cheng Guang, chief operating officer of the CTCC China RV Championship, attended the signing ceremony.

ARTKA is the high-end spinning wheel hub brand of Zhejiang Yueling Co., Ltd. The factory was founded in 1982, with an annual production of 6 million wheels. It is the largest domestic aftermarket wheel manufacturers. In 2014, Yueling Co., Ltd. was listed on the main board in Shenzhen,and the same year the ARTKA brand was founded. After its appearance in the market in September 2015, ARTKA took "race quality, performance innovation" as the slogan and actively engaged in the research and development of civil and racing wheel hub products.

ARTKA brand also has the leading product research and development technology and production process in the world.Its second generation of FFP spinning technology can produce more lightweight, high-strength high-quality wheel products.

Since participating in CTCC, ARTKA has reached a good cooperative relationship with several strong teams, such as vertical and horizontal teams, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota team and LEO109 team, and its wheel products have also been verified by the race and recognized by a number of customers.

After the high-intensity test of China Cup competition, ARTKA will also apply the collected data to the product innovation and improvement, in order to provide customers with higher quality wheel products in the spirit of excellence.

In view of China Cup competition anxious and intense characteristic, ARTKA also announced the brand-new wheel hub product-YA160S CTCC racetrack version used FFP second generation spinning craft. It is worth mentioning that YA160S CTCC version of the wheel used a new design style and the exclusive painting of the track, the unique "track reinforcement, the track anti-skid lines" design is to further ensure its excellent performance.

Cheng Guang, chief operating officer of the CTCC China RV Championship, is looking forward to the partnership in the new season. "We don't just want to be a platform for car manufacturers to operate and race," he said.

"We should become the spokesman of China's manufacturing industry,and China's entire automobile industry chain. From this point of view, ARTKA is such a market tested, confident brand of their own products, and they have a very good performance. Now ARTKA will be involved in the CTCC and other brands. If ARTKA wants to continue the next step, in addition to product quality, market recognition, but also to complete the brand upgrade.In my opinion, this is the final process of washing lead.By combining with the race, ARTKA is able to showcase its products while allowing brands to contribute to China's motor sport on the same platform as all the automakers we participate in. "







Leveling rims personalized customization service

In order to meet the needs of domestic consumers, yueling wheel hub has been accepted from 2015, customer personalized rims custom business, and customers have submitted orders and delivered to use.