• Hengjing factory area
  • ChaYu factory area
  • Danya factory area
  • Japanese subsidiary
  • Russian subsidiary

The factory is located in Hengjing Industrial Zone, Zeguo Town, covering an area of nearly 160 acres, with an annual production capacity of 230 pieces of medium-high grade low pressure cast aluminum wheels.The factory adopts the production process of "casting spinning and low pressure forming technology". The factory introduces real-time imagingequipmentand helium leak detection technology.Spinning and low-pressure wheelshave the advantages of dust-free, low-carbon, green and so on, which match the integrated production of aluminum alloy automotive wheelsfor the main plant.

The factory is located in Chayu industrial zone, Zeguo. It covers an area of 65 mu and has an annual production capacity of 2.6 million pieces of medium and high-grade gravity cast aluminum wheels. It adopts the traditional gravity casting production technology and introduces the equipment of "real-time imaging and helium leak detection technology". It products"coated wheels", "polishing wheels", "plating wheels", "vacuum plating wheels" and other high-end productsfor after-sale modification market and other high-end customers.

The original plant is located in Danya industrial zone, Zeguo, covering an area of nearly 75 mu. Now it has been moved to Hengjing factory area, with an annual production capacity of "1.8 million pieces of high-grade spinning casting aluminum wheel hub". The factory use traditional gravity casting and advanced spinning production technology to produce mainly including high-end motorcycle wheels, automotive wheels with complex process, for the international aftermarket and the host plant.

The subsidiary is located in Kawasaki City, Shinai Prefecture, Japan, registered in July 2016, operating business for the design and sales of automotive wheels, and the import and export of automotive supplies, parts and components.

The Japanese market is one of the main export markets of our company. The purpose of setting up a subsidiary company is to further develop the Japanese market, strengthen the cooperation with the users and distributors in the Japanese market, and at the same time obtain the latest product technical information in the markets of developed countries. Then we can stabilize the occupancy rate of the company's products in the Japanese market.

The subsidiary, registered in March 2017 in the Russian province of Samara, deals with major trade in automobile wheels and auto parts. It is mainly responsible for the development and sales of markets in Russia and its neighboring countries. At the same time it gets access to the latest product technology and other relevant national market information, speeds up the introduction and application of new products, new technology. Russian subsidiary enhances the impact of the company's products in the Russian market, and promotes the sustainable development of the company.