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      The forming technology of automobile aluminum alloy wheel includes gravity casting, low pressure casting and forging. There are two casting processes: gravity casting and low pressure casting. At present, low pressure casting and metal mold gravity casting are widely used at home and abroad.

      The aluminum alloy wheel produced by forging technology has the highest cost, complex technology and extremely high cost of forging process, which can only be used in high-end market, and can not be popularized in a short time. Low-pressure casting usually has no risers, small gating system, high utilization rate of molten aluminum and good mechanical properties of castings. However, due to the complex structure of low-pressure casting equipment, automatic control technology should control the pressure process accurately, and the price is relatively high. Compared with gravity casting equipment, the cost is still much higher. As there is no external pressure in gravity casting of metal mold, the riser is needed to make up for the dense casting. Therefore, compared with low pressure casting, the riser of gravity casting of metal mold is heavier and the utilization ratio of molten aluminum is lower.

      After the comparison of the above three processes, three processes have more or less their own defects, then, what can be done to ensure the weight and strength of the wheel hub, and also can better control the cost. The FFP spinning technology of Yueling Co., Ltd. is a new technology to reconcile the advantages and disadvantages of the two processes.

      FFP spinning is the rotational stamping of the rim on the basis of casting. It changes the internal structure of the rim metal, the molecules are higher density of fiber arrangement.Compared with the ordinary casting, it has higher mechanical properties performance. It shows higher strength and higher toughness. In addition, the rims after spinning have a thinner section, so the overall weight of the rims is reduced, which is the most obvious technical advantage of the spinning process.

      The aluminum alloy wheel produced by spinning has many advantages, such as no size restriction, light weight, high strength, less machining allowance, beautiful appearance, high safety and so on. After spinning, the weight of the wheel is light and the structure of the wheel is more stable. It has an unparalleled strength to weight ratio. It has become an important development direction of aluminum alloy wheel production to apply hot spinning to casting wheel hub,"new technology of casting spin", which has the advantage of close to forged wheel hub in quality and close to casting wheel hub in cost.

Tensile strength(N/mm²) Flow forming> Low pressure >Gravity
Yield strength(N/mm²) Flow forming> Low pressure >Gravity
Coefficient of elongation(N/mm²) Flow forming> Low pressure >Gravity

      FFP spinning technology belongs to the strong spinning positive spinning type, that is, at high temperature, through several passes of strong spinning on the wheel hub casting blank, the thickness and shape of the blank are changed, so as to meet the requirements of the profile size of the wheel rim.

Metallographic structure of spinning wheels

      When spinning, the arrangement of the internal molecules of the metal on the rim is changed. Compared with the molecular structure before spinning, the molecular metallographic split surface after spinning has a higher density than the general cast product. It produces a denser metallographic structure that greatly enhances overall mechanical properties. As shown below,

Test of drawing rod of spinning wheel hub

      The maximum tensile force of the low-pressure hub drawing rod test is 4349N, and the spinning drawing rod is 5670N.The tensile strength is increased by more than 20% than before. As shown in the picture,

X-RAY Detection of spinning Wheel Hub tissue

      The on-line hub X-ray inspection system can realize automatic identification of wheel hub model, on-line mixed loading test with different specifications, high detection level, high image resolution. The results show that the grade of the rim, the root of the spoke and the top / bottom flange of the FFP spinning wheel hub can all be higher than the standard of ≤ 2 grade in the industry. As shown in the figure, the testing grade of the spun rim is all 1 grade standard. The tested rims all had not any slag hole, lock hole, bad air hole.

Spinning product performance test

      FFP spinning product performance test standards (impact test, radial fatigue test, bending fatigue test) are 10% higher than the Japanese JWL/VIA standard.As shown in the picture,

Bending test of spinning rim

      The violent bending test of the hub sample indirectly showed the advantages of lightweight spinning and high toughness. The casting sample was easily broken off. Although the spinning sample was thinner, it did not break under repeated force, and its toughness was very high. This reflects on the wheel rim is, after receives the heavy blow, will not break easily, most is the distortion, can guarantee the driving safety under the extreme condition. As shown in the picture,

Dimensional precision control

      The coordinate measuring instrument is used to check whether the relative position of the center hole and the PCD hole is in accordance with the requirements and the smoothness of the mounting surface. As shown in the picture,

      In order to achieve a more competitive rim strength, based on the FFP production process, the professional design of the anti-skid knurled tread has been added. The automobile race and other actual combat tests have been carried out, and the minor parts of the manufacturing process have been improved. Finally, the enhanced version process of "FFP RACING" was established. The strength of the material is improved on the basis of the previous FFP production process. It can be said that through this improvement, the material structure of the wheel produced by the FFP process is better, the strength is higher, and it is far superior to the casting wheel.

      Yueling has been devoting itself to the research, development and manufacture of lightweight wheel hub since 2004. Our lightweight design concept is to analyze and calculate the weight, structure, strength and mechanical properties of the wheel hub by professional software. Then according to many years of practical operation experience, design the appropriate mold, and then through the unique cooling way, make the hub in the optimal temperature range to accelerate the grain refinement so as to enhance the strength.

      Yueling Forzuto is a brand designed for spinning wheel hub.The lightweight wheel hub produced by spinning technology has become a strong competition point because of its lighter weight, energy saving without size constraints, beautiful products, good performance and high safety.In addition to lighter weight and energy savings, other advantages are the same as ordinary casting wheels, specifically refer to the conversion process under Yueling Encyclopedia.

      Based on the traditional spinning process, the FFP power spinning aluminum alloy wheel developed by Yuling Co., Ltd greatly increases the ductility of the metal and makes the products lighter in weight, better in mechanical properties and better in toughness. Compared with the ordinary casting, the thickness of the rim can be made thinner under the premise of ensuring the quality, thus achieving the goal of lightening, rich and diverse styles.At the same time, the wheel rim processing accuracy has also been improved, dynamic balance performance is excellent, to meet the needs of high-speed driving. The product has the characteristics of light weight, different mechanical properties and high content of structure and technology. It is a high-grade product of aluminum wheels.

      At the same time, the professional design of anti-skid tire knurling pattern, avoid the tire and bead seat to slip each other. It greatly improves the safety of the car and it is especially suitable for competitive racing use. In 2014-2015 developed dozens of products have been promoted to the market and have been widely praised. The company develops this product by the existing technology, which can reduce the manufacture cost, promotes the high-end product to the market by the middle price, and the products are deeply liked by customers.

Production process

Low pressure casting process

The process of low pressure casting of aluminum alloy wheel is characterized by stable filling of liquid metal, crystallization of castings under pressure, compact structure of castings, good mechanical properties, direct casting mold, no riser and very small gate, so the utilization ratio of metal is high. It is easy to achieve automation and other advantages, so it becomes the mainstream technology for mass production of aluminum alloy wheels.Low pressure casting solves the contradiction between filling stability and shrinkage in gravity casting, and improves the quality of casting greatly.

Spinning casting process

Casting spinning process is an advanced technology in wheel hub manufacturing. Compared with gravity casting and low pressure casting in the past, its products have the advantages of light weight, high strength and less machining allowance. They are popularly accepted by high-end customers and they have strong market competitiveness.
The FFP high-strength spinning aluminum alloy wheel developed by yueling co., ltd. greatly increases the ductility of the metal, making the product lighter, excellent mechanical performance and better toughness. Compared with ordinary casting, the thickness of the rim can be made thinner under the premise of ensuring quality, so as to achieve the goal of lightweight and diversified styles. At the same time, the machining accuracy of the wheel is improved, and the dynamic balance performance is excellent, which meets the need of high-speed driving. This product has the characteristics of light weight, different mechanical properties, high structure technology content, and is the high-grade product of aluminum wheels.
At the same time, the professional design of the anti-skid tread road avoids the misalignment between the tire and the tire seat, greatly improving the safety of the car, especially suitable for the use of competitive racing cars. Dozens of products developed in 2014-2015 have been promoted to the market and have been widely praised. The company develops the product with the existing technology, which can reduce the production cost and promote the high-end product to the market at medium price.
Production technology-spinning casting process
Production technology-spinning casting process

VDH helium detector

VDH helium detector

The helium leak detection system for automobile aluminum alloy wheels operates automatically, automatically judges qualified products and nonconforming products, and separates the nonconforming products.The mixture of air and helium is used as the test gas and a helium mass spectrometer is used to detect and measure the leakage rate. The system is controlled by a computer and it does not need human intervention. The system automatically completes the vacuum pumping, aeration, leak detection and helium recovery of the measured object.

Continuous Heat treatment production Line for Aluminum Alloy Wheel

Adopting no material frame design, the roller table will not produce deformation after heating.The transmission of this equipment is stable, and it is not easy to produce the deformation of true roundness and flatness. There is no need for mechanical or manual shaping after heat treatment; After machining, the aluminum wheel can be easily controlled and stable in the end beat, diameter beat and dynamic balance, and the Cpk value can be very high. The temperature uniformity in furnace is good. The mechanical properties of aluminum wheel hub after heat treatment are consistent;The comprehensive energy consumption is low, and the equipment is easy to use and maintain.
Production Process - Continuous Aluminum Alloy Wheel Heat Treatment Production Line

Efficient machining production line

Efficient machining production line

The finishing process is all processed by CNC lathe and CNC machining center. Through numerical control programming, the blank enters the CNC lathe and machining center, and the whole processing curve and assembly hole are formed at one time. Eliminating the human-induced influence factors such as manual operation, and making the processing precision reach IT6 level fundamentally guarantees the precision conditions to be obtained for the aluminum alloy wheel hub.

Automatic coating production line

The coating production line of automobile aluminum wheel hub is mainly composed of four lines, such as cleaning line, base powder spraying line, spray painting line and transparent powder spraying line. The operation of the painting production line adopts the ground reverse storage and transportation system, and the spraying workpieces are processed by flame, electrostatic dust removal, primer spraying, paint spraying, transparent paint spraying and other robot spraying processes. It can realize the technological requirements of three sprays and one roast and three sprays and two grills. The protection and decoration of the product surface can meet the various demands of consumers.
Automatic coating production line

Production technology-automatic coating production line

Materials and casting

Raw materials A356.2-all supplied by domestic first-class large state-owned enterprises. strictly In strict accordance with the national aluminum alloy standard for proportioning smelting, they have high quality and reliability. Yueling company has rich casting experience and unique casting technology, which makes the produced wheels show outstanding performance in fatigue resistance, bending and other mechanical properties testing.Especially the tensile strength and elongation, the indicators are higher than the national standard.

Dynamic balance 100% detection

The dynamic balance and the degree of yaw directly determine whether the vehicle is deviating or not in the course of driving, and whether the vehicle is swaying left or right, and so on. Yueling Company selected high stability, high precision imported lathe for machining, 100% dynamic balance and deflection testing, to ensure a good balance and stability of the wheel hub.
Production technology-dynamic balance 100% detection

Production technology-individual color customization

Individual color customization

International leading production technology and advanced painting production lineensure that each section of the offline wheel hub pass the paint adhesion test and corrosion resistance sampling test. In order to ensure the existing paint stable batch production, Yueling company closely follow the market demand, research and development of different paint. Now Yueling company has developed batch production of more than 70 kinds of paint best-selling all over the world.
Development and design

Lightweight design

The production of "safe, lightweight wheel hub" has always been Yueling company's production philosophy. After decades of exploration and practice, Yuelingcompany get in the world leading level in the use of casting technology in the manufacture of lightweight wheel. The lightweight wheel hub not only has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation, good roundness and durability, but also has the characteristics of fuel saving and high control performance, which inherits the tenet of "energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon life" advocated by the current society.

3D simulation

Yueling company attaches great importance to the development of new styles. 3-5 brand new wheels will be designed based on different market preferences every month. For the brand new style, Yueling Company carries on 3D simulation, and the review, the screening decision to open the mold or the style.
Development Design-3D Simulation

Development design-strength analysis

Strength analysis

For the decision to open the mold of the style, Yueling company must carry on the strength simulation analysis to it. The wheel strength of our company has always been in line with the high standard level. The company can test the sample only when the strength is up to standard.

Sample test

For the new products, Yueling will conduct sample testing. Only when the indicators meet the test criteria will they be transferred to mass production.
开发设计 - 试样测试
Technical support - Three major tests

Three major tests

Dynamic bending fatigue test, dynamic radial fatigue test and impact test are the three basic tests for wheel safety testing. The company is 10% to 20%stricter than the Japanese "JWL VIA" standard(In accordance with the national standard)., to ensure the safety of wheels.

X-Ray flaw detection

Yueling company must carry on the timing flaw inspection to the product, in order to quickly and accurately detect the wheel hub internal flaw (crack, loose, blowhole, inclusion and so on), then carries on the localization, the appraisal and the diagnosis to it, guarantees the good quality of the wheel hub.
Technical support-X-Ray flaw detection

Technical support-100 Grid and Salt Fog

Baige and Salt Fog

Yueling Company carries on the paint surface adhesion test to each off line wheel hub in order to test the surface adhesion after coating. In addition, it is necessary to regularly carry out corrosion resistance tests on the downline wheel hub. Our salt spray tests are carried out at high temperatures and high salt concentrations to ensure that each wheel hub has high corrosion resistance.

Tensile test

It is mainly used to test and analyze the mechanical properties of all kinds of metals, nonmetals and composites. The parameters of maximum force, tensile strength, flexural strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, elongation at break and yield strength can be obtained with three closed-loop control modes of stress, strain and displacement. Technical support-tensile testing
Technical support - Tensile test

Technical support-metallographic test under microscope

Microscopic metallographic test

Binocular inverted metallographic microscope have clear imaging, wide field of vision, compact instrument structure, beautiful appearance and it is easy to use. It can be expanded by video, computer, digital camera and other devices. It can view pictures by computer, digital camera or video, and real-time dynamic images by display screen or digital camera. It can edit, save and print the needed pictures.

Spectrum analyzer

Desk-top spectrum analyzer can achieve accurate analysis of aluminum alloy composition and material detection.Different time samples can be analyzed and measured through a universal adapter. Composition analysis report is automatically generated, and maintenance is simple and easy to operate.
Technical support-Spectral Analyzer

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